Our story

As a watercolourist artist the theme that has always been my favourite is the Baroque of eastern Sicily and I have my first house (Casazzurra) in Sampieri since 1991. At the end of 2005 I have bought a fisherman's old house...right in front of my house. After a patient restoration to keep the original aspect and provide every comfort, I created the two apartments Casa del pescatore and Casa di pietra. All this with the help of my husband for everything that has to do with rationality, our daughter Eleonora, Graphic Designer and entrepreneur, with our love for all that is tradition, with the passionate search for materials in use in the territory, with the meticulous choice of each accessory and with the desire to make guests feel right at home making their stay unforgettable. With us, even when he was very small when he went fishing on the pier, our son Claudio, a graduate in Medicine, passionate about photography, skateboarding...And now surfing on the waves (when there are) of Sampieri.

We all love this place for its tranquility, for the inhabitants, for the geographical position, the glaring sun, for the clean and warm sea, the beach with sand dunes, for area rich in history. What my guests tell me or write on the Guest Book is a confirmation of that I've been able to give them the hospitality that I would like to receive during my travels.